With 30 years of experience, know how and technology in the field of pre-printing processes, Reproscan has worked out an innovative and complete offer which supports the change publishers face today through a change leading to cross-channel. In order to communicate their offer more efficiently Reproscan came to OfficinaStrategia where, after a few focussed meetings with the entrepreneur, the “kitchen of contents” concept came up.

The intervention by OfficinaStrategia was structured in various stages. In the first stage we made an infographic representation of the offer which is useful both within the company and to the presentation to the customers and to the prospect. In order to make the presentation to the potential customers even more efficient we thought up a creative solution inspired by the book On the back of the napkin: on the back of the infographic representation, packaged with pencil and rubber attached, there is a space designed to develop a tailor-made solution with the customer.

In the second stage we only produced the website, aiming to lead the visitors to find out about Reproscan. At the same time we designed a training and coaching path to develop the presence of Reproscan on the most suitable social channels so as to integrate, enrich and support the communication that takes place through the new website and through the traditional channels.

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