Innovation Lab

Research and developement about innovative methods and appraoaches for company management are applied in Innovation Lab at OfficinaStrategia, where vertical and specific competences guarantee the strength of the managed projects.

Web Startup

Startup is a little-big company. The startup area at OfficinaStrategia is inhabited by entrepreneurs who share their adventures, dreams, mistakes and teachings of this business model. It is not the classic incubator of ideas, but a space where one can find the necessary support to design and implement innovative business models.
In the Startup Lab one can find the competences in the fields of design, strategy, marketing and communication required to focus on the goals and to meet them step by step. Our passions and experience have led us to understand the logics to launch the web startups, a fastest-growing form of business with dynamics that differ from the traditional ones. In the world of the web startups we have developed the contacts required to have a successful launch, to attract venture capitals and to fly abroad.

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Information Design

Information Design means communicating strategically. An ineffective communication is often due to resitance to change inside and upside the organization. That is why we have joined our capacity of strategic analisis, marketing and corporate management to an expertise in design and tools to communicate effectively. Infographic technique helps us to convey the complexity, highlighting the relation between data of different entity and images to send information quickly.

Information Design becomes therefore a strategic tool that is useful to companies in order to bring comprhension to a deep level and to guide sensible decision. The applications are several – from user manuals, to brochures, training, reports, and business documentations – but the value lies in the strategic approach which is at the base of infographic choice.

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Social Media

Social Media is the power of the web relations. The so called web marketing is an assembly of tools and opportunities offered by internet and by its services which has changed the way companies interact with the market. OfficinaStrategia helps you to use the social media to increase your visibility, to find new customers, to create a community around your company and to handle on conversations online.

At OfficinaStrategia we analyze your company and your market, we set a communication strategy with you and we develop the application of such as strategy by identifiying what online tools to use and how to use them.
Through strategy methodology and creativity, we build your web strategy and we help you implement it, supporting you in order to meet the objectives we set.

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