Nothing moves without passion and fun.

A place where one can be creative to give shape to ideas and turn them into successful business. A library for the guests, a coaching room with a comfortable couch and a board on which to display eureka moments with post-its and felt pens. An informal meeting corner to get to know each other while sipping coffee and chocolate in a multi-purpose and flexible environment… where chairs hang from the ceiling.?OfficinaStrategia is a physical Hub where innovative projects aimed at creating a business or at speeding up an existing one take shape.?Nothing moves without passion and fun. An entrepreneur who does not have fun could destroy their company the same way they set it up. So here comes the need for some space where passion can be found again, out of daily routine, working on the strategy peacefully so as to rediscover the pleasure of doing business.

A place where one can go back to being creative again and playing with their own ideas, giving them shape and turning them into successful business.

 Strategy, methodology and creativity allow Oxigenio to turn ideas into successful business. Resorting to the network of the business partners selected according to specific requirements integrates the offer to the client. Thanks to the business Hub entrepreneurs and companies bring ideas and problems to OfficinaStrategia and, with the help of Oxigenio, they create development projects, successful start-ups, effective communication and improvement of business performances.

Research and development activity within business strategy and organization has a practical application in the Innovation Lab out-and-out creative laboratories at the customer’s service.

Finally the Smart Networking activity inspires new ideas and it is the foothold for entrepreneurs and companies at OfficinaStrategia. Here is where innovative projects and business partnerships start.